Strong Communities are Safe Communities. The best way to create a safe community is to make a strong community. That means making sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed through equal access to things like quality public education, good-paying local jobs and benefits, as well as access to affordable housing and health care.


Gresham is one of the fastest-growing cities in Oregon. To maintain our great quality of life, we need to stay ahead of that growth curve and ensure we are in charge of our own destiny. We must provide quality public education, housing options for all stages of life, a strong local economy, and more.

housing solutions

Everyone in Gresham should have a home and be able to stay in it. We all deserve the stability of predictable housing that we can afford at all stages of our lives. That means we need to ensure that Gresham has housing for recent high school graduates, young families, established professionals, and seniors.

economic development

A vibrant local economy with good-paying, family-wage jobs and benefits is the best way to ensure a strong community, including a strong tax base to fund public services like transportation and parks. As our region grows, Gresham should work to ensure that we are getting the best deal for our community when attracting business. People who work in Gresham should earn enough and get the benefits they need to care for their families.


Whether we travel by car, bus, bike, or on foot, we all see that transportation infrastructure can make our lives easier or much harder, depending on how it is built and maintained. Growth and change are here and we can all see it in our daily commutes. I would like to see Gresham be proactive about regional transportation solutions so we can be in charge of planning for our future.

support for children, familieS, and Seniors

When children, families, and seniors succeed, our whole community succeeds.