Eddy Morales Announces Run for Gresham City Council

Gresham, OR

Aug. 23, 2018

Today, joined by a group of community members, Eddy Morales filed his candidacy for Gresham City Council, Position 2.


“Gresham is changing. We are becoming a younger, more diverse, growing city with a new set of needs. Our leadership needs to change to reflect the diversity in our community and address our new realities in order for Gresham to continue to be the  great community we all love,” said Morales about his candidacy. “I’m running for city council to ensure issues like housing security, accessible transportation, keeping families together, and investing in our future through better education and economic growth, are all top priorities for the Gresham City Council.”


Morales’ candidacy is energizing community members like retired educators John and Shirley Vandermosten. John, also an IBEW union leader and veteran said, “We support Eddy Morales because he is a dedicated and knowledgeable leader who understands the problems of working people in today's society. He demonstrates a strong commitment to connecting with his community, understanding their needs and seeking practical solutions to the biggest challenges we face such as affordable housing and education.”


Born the youngest of nine in Los Angeles, Morales was raised by a single mother and moved frequently due to increased rents and in pursuit of better economic opportunities. This ultimately led his family to Oregon where they lived in several neighborhoods in the metro area, including Gresham. He credits a supportive community and public assistance as the key factors that changed the trajectory of his life, enabling him to move out of poverty.


Amanda Beach, a bartender who lives in the Kelly Creek neighborhood of Gresham, is motivated by Morale’s campaign said,  “Eddy is genuine, understanding, and has a passion for defending and representing everyday constituent like myself. I know this because he also started from the bottom and with the help of his family, community, government support, and a tireless work ethic, became the leader he is today. Gresham would be lucky to have a Council member like Eddy fighting for the hard-working members of our community  and that is why I support his candidacy for Gresham city council.”


Today, Eddy is a small business owner and has advocated for innovative, concrete solutions to issues that affect our most vulnerable communities since 1999. He has worked for top social justice organizations like the Center for Community Change, Voto Latino, the Democracy Alliance, and the United States Student Association, and collaborated with changemaking people and organizations, including Dolores Huerta, Rosario Dawson, the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Choice USA, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.


Morales’ candidacy has already earned an endorsement from Congressman Earl Blumenauer who said, “Eddy is the kind of leader Gresham needs now. Like the rest of this region, Gresham is growing and changing, and that means new challenges, but also new opportunities. Eddy has the vision, the drive, and the heart to help Gresham work together to build a stronger future for us all.”