Whether we travel by car, bus, bike, or on foot, we all see that transportation infrastructure can make our lives easier or much harder, depending on how it is built and maintained. Growth and change are here and we can all see it in our daily commutes. I would like to see Gresham be proactive about regional transportation solutions so we can be in charge of planning for our future.


Keep our Streets Safe and Smooth. As we have seen in other cities, it is more cost-effective to maintain our streets today than to fall behind on repairs. We should continue to implement the Oregon Department of Transportation’s plan to use technology to move traffic more efficiently and safely, such as coordinated stop lights. We also need to invest in more traffic- and pedestrian lights and safety crosswalks.


Better Bus and Transit Service should be implemented on both east-west and north-south routes for residents who don’t want to sit in the normal traffic jams that our region now faces. Many residents rely on public transportation, walking, and biking to get to and from work, home, and school. We should ensure these alternatives are built up to provide transportation access while addressing traffic congestion. I applaud Tri-Met’s efforts to bring greener buses to their fleet and I will advocate for quicker deployment on Gresham routes. Doing this will help mitigate the health impacts of bus fumes on residents with asthma or other lung conditions and will also help us reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change.


Active Transportation Solutions like greenways for bikes and pedestrian traffic.  Everyone is safer when there are protected bike and pedestrian routes. And where we can’t do that we still need to consider ways to better protect walkers and cyclists while maintaining the flow of traffic. We can enlist the county and state to help with funding.